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The first year Cleveland Beer Week kicked off we produced an ‘unofficial’ beer for the week long event. The style was an India Brown Ale. In 2010 we released a Black IPA. In 2011 it was an Altbier. 2102 brought the Honey Ginger beer. This year we will produce a German Munich Helles style, but this time it will be canned. The 16oz cans, packaged as 4 packs will hit the shelves in late September. More statistics on the ‘why’ and ‘what’s in’ will go live upon release. You can find the info off to the right. Here’s some can info published by the SCENE MAGAZINE, Douglas Trattner. Mark Wise,

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It has only been about a year since we released Spicebush. Let’s describe it and get into the formula. The idea behind this beer came from Chris Chmiel of Integration Acres, the same individual that asked if I’d brew a Paw Paw beer for the annual festival. In the case of Spicebush, the event was called Summer Solstice Spicebush Celebration, Athens, OH. They did not have the event this year, but here is a link to give more insight on that. Spicebush or wild allspice is flowering plant/shrub that likes to grow under other trees in a moist environment. But I’m interested in the berries that birds love to eat. Not knowing what a spicebush berry was, we of course crushed them and analyzed them. Very aromatic, citrus and pine-like. The flavor was also citrus, piney, and very peppery. Like a subdued peppercorn. I could now completely understand how this could be used in Belgian Ales. And by the way, the berries are used in making a Gin or two from Dancing Tree Distillery. Great info here. So let’s talk about Belgian Witbier. Typically this wheat ale is brewed with unmalted wheat, barley malt, and sometimes raw oats. Typically this style uses a combination of bitter orange peel and coriander. Other spices can include chamomile, grains of paradise, cumin, juniper, etc. This is what we did. We replaced the orange peel for lemon peel, and used ground spicebush berries for our other spice. And I need to mention that all Witbier variations use a very characterful yeast strain. We used the classic WYEAST 3944. The spices are steeped in the kettle for about 10 minutes after we kill the steam. That’s it. This is a cloudy yellow beer with a dense creamy head. The nose is spicy and citrus, as well as the flavor. Spicebush finishes nice and dry and slightly tart. This is a wonderful summer quaffer.

SIMPLE DESCRIPTION: Wheat beer brewed with lemon peel and spicebush berries. A refreshing, tasty, moderate-dry, moderate-strength wheat-based ale. A refreshing, citrusy, summer seasonal from Buckeye Brewing. 5.5% abv. 17 IBUs.

Warm Fuzzy is a Tropical Stout-style, a part of the Foreign Extra Stout category. 7.5%; a combination of English pale, chocolate, roasted, and crystal malts. On the sweeter side of the spectrum, not cloying, a rum-like/molasses flavor, estery. Smooth with no hop flavor.

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Trey Howard pulls the Cleveland Beer Week ale by bike; donates $50 to ACBC. $500+ Raised. — ‘BUCKEYE KEG DASH 2010′ was Sunday, September 12th, 12:00 Noon at Buckeye Brewing Company. We biked to BEER ENGINE for charity. ‘Aluminum Cans for Burned Children’

Trey Howard (left of keg), Click to enlarge. Thanks to all that participated, next year will be even bigger.

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